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What is Mature Marketing?

For me marketing is a synonymous of progress, development. Companies realize that brand gives power, without it it’s difficult to become well-known and to sell. However, understanding of what marketing is is still somewhat unclear. You can move along the marketing path in different ways – faster, slower, not consciously, as well as in a thoughtful way that supports the business goals of the organization. It is this latter trend that I would like to promote. I’ve called it Mature Marketing and now let me introduce its objectives.

The role of marketing

Marketing does not allow you to stand still, it constantly poses new challenges. It is insatiable, it unceasingly finds newer, better and improved solutions; it drives changes, makes us competitive. Thanks to it we develop, companies invent better products, more convenient and optimal services.

However, its role is being oversimplified. In companies it enters the processes too late, for example: if the product is already on the market, it is necessary to add a narrative to it, just write something there. Often it is sales that dominates, and marketing has less influence, is less represented. It does not speak the voice of customer expectations, but has a secondary position – it is called upon depending on the current needs. Such an arrangement means that marketing is not a partner in business and has no chance to create a brand on a deeper level, in a long-term and coherent manner.

In order to do that, marketing has to start functioning on a different, strategic level, it has to understand and even “feel” the business. After all, marketing is not just the marketing itself, but a multitude of processes that are influenced by every employee of the company. However, there is nothing that works just by pure chance. Such a global approach requires skills – knowledge, as well as attitude. And above all, consciousness and understanding, not only from marketers, but also from management.

Mature Marketing

The marketing which I promote is, above all, a conscious and mature view on the problem. It’s a process, usually a long-term one. At the same time it is a process of management and strategies, strongly correlated with business objectives that constitute the identity of the organization, implementing its mission and vision. It is not just a superficial, nice-to-have add-on. Nor is it a sales bridgehead that is being resorted to when a new catalog is needed. It’s a process correlated with resources, including time.

In a nutshell, Mature Marketing means “I know where I am, what my goals are, what my resources are, what is a tool and what is a strategy”. I make decisions consciously, non-chaotically. I don’t act hastily, I have my own plan, my own goals, measurable indicators. I observe whether something works or not. I do not copy from others, because I am aware of my own identity. I draw conclusions and make changes.

Not the other way around, not short-term and not in a trendy way because others do it. Today there are many shortcuts that promise quick promotional results that can be achieved by using trendy tools (e.g., a new social media channel). But customers keep coming back to the same place, to a cave full of questions and doubts. Until they take a step back and sort out their own strategy, they will lose consistency and will never build a strong, distinct brand.

A handful of questions from the cave of doubts:

  • How do I convince customers to buy from me?
  • Why do others sell at a higher price?
  • Why do others have better ideas?
  • Why do I need this whole content thing? I just want to sell.
  • Does my marketing team understand what the business is and what I’m aiming for?
  • What resources and opportunities do I really have?

Resources and opportunities

If you don’t develop a mature, conscious view of marketing, you’ll always fall back into the cave of doubts. Without knowing who you are and where you’re going, you’re like a parent who suddenly wants to send their artistically gifted child (which you don’t know about because you haven’t checked) to a medical school. Because others do it, because it is worth it, because it is necessary, because it will pay off. It doesn’t matter that it simply isn’t them and it won’t work out.

You would also like to do it right after your offspring is born, because you expect results immediately, right here, right now. That’s not how it works, so I juxtapose expectations, plan and concept with the resources and capabilities of the organization. They are integral. It’s not just the brand book or the strategy developed after a workshop, but also the time, team and parallel resources that determine the success of a marketing concept.

I have seen too many stories where a comprehensive strategy in the form of a document ended up in some drawer, because it was detached from the real possibilities, the company could not implement it. Marketing is not just the creation, events and Facebook, it is also a cool analysis, as well as a set of competences and true cooperation between departments. Only then can we talk about a strategic approach.

“Conscious marketing advancement” isn’t just about sales increase, it’s also about changing your perspective – understanding what you have, what you need, what you’re leaving behind and who you’re following in order to get where you want.

I create and accompany

What you see in others, their brand, their image, their sales success, is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the strategic work is invisible from the outside, but it is the lion’s share – 70% of a given project. First the concept, then the implementation, and all of this under a coherent and consistent aegis, which you later admire e.g. in your competitors.

Often, however, I hear a question asked without conviction – how? why do I need it? what will I gain from it? when will it pay back? “After all, it used to work and you didn’t need any strategies. You need to act, not analyze.” I have one piece of advice – don’t set out on the road without a guide. Don’t pick the best possible car and don’t focus on its technical parameters if you don’t know where and how you will be driving. Go with someone who has already traveled your route and done it more than once.

That’s why I will gladly to accompany you on this bumpy road, regardless of where you’re at or what vehicle you’re driving. You may have different questions and face different decisions – my goal is to walk you through the advancement process. Look at it globally, in a mature way, which is exactly what I encourage you to do in Mature Marketing. You will always gain from it.

  • What you gain with the Mature Marketing approach:

  • strategy aligned with your business goals
  • marketing advancement and image strengthening
  • effect of synergy in cooperation, commitment and purposefulness of teams’ actions
  • sense of identity and cohesion – you know what suits you
  • effectiveness of processes – you know what and how to do, you move according to the plan
  • budget optimization – you know why and for what purpose you allocate your resources
  • monitoring and evaluation – knowing what works and the sense of influence: you increase some aspects, eliminate other, and make conscious decisions
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